About Cosnomad

 "What you seek is seeking you." Rumi 


Cosnomad was born from a shared love and admiration for the artistic expression, craftsmanship, and lifestyle of the many nomadic tribes of the world.

Our philosophy is simple, we aim to deliver one of a kind pieces infused with tradition, stories and the ever forgotten art of hand to hand transaction which has been lost in the modern world of business and trade.

We are passionately dedicated to this, hence a percentage of the proceeds from each sale goes to Children's Aid with the intention of stimulating intercultural exchange and preserving the art and commerce created by handmade jewelry, furniture, and crafts.

The Co-founders, Simo and Franzi have over three decades of experience beginning with Simo's childhood, which was steeped in traditional Moroccan culture and Franzi's work with an established NGO in Morocco when she was only 15 years of age.

Their world travels, empathy for humankind, devotion to connectivity and pure love of art have created a company that provides beauty and quality of life for both you and the artisans.... what could be better than to bring this energy into your home!

 Absorb the beauty of the world.

Our Manifesto

Our Team



Simo Azzaoui, Co-Founder

Simo has a Masters degree in Economics & Politics. Prior to starting Cosnomad, Simo worked for MunichRe and Dsquared where he took part as brand ambassador. Simo is responsible for the design direction and pre-selection of each product.



Kate Woods, Co-Founder

Currently based in Berlin, Kate is an Event Management and International Business graduate from Australia who loves travel and connecting to fellow carriers of the light through dance, yoga, fashion, and food. She is passionate about eating what nourishes and uplifts the body and soul, bringing awareness of healthy living to those around her.



Sumi Yoon, Photographer & Designer





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